Discover true optimal device security

The security status of +50% of devices is unknown,

making organisations vulnerable. We can change this.


We ensure that only safe devices can access your business applications

True optimal security

Optimal, enforced security for both managed and unmanaged devices. Adapted to the risk of the application.

Scalable transparency & compliance

Get an overview of the security posture of all devices used within the organization.

Low device maintenance

Protecting an application only takes 15 minutes, users can self-onboard their device and remediate issues.

Enabling BYOD Policy

Increase flexibility and productivity for your employees and partners while removing the risk of unknown devices.

Any device. Checked at login.

XFA supports many common authentication standards so you can transparently authenticate users while making sure that any device that is used within your organization is known and secure.

Broad compatibility

All devices & operating systems

operating systems

Most authentication protocols

authentication protocols